Pre Construction

Laying the Groundwork

Based on the client's operation requirements we develop a thorough building, infrastructure and location needs analysis which creates the groundwork for a formal site and facility selection.

This may include:
- Location studies
- Suitable site selection
- Process layout design
- Studies on building requirements
- Architectural pre-design
- Permit requirement analysis
- Civil pre-design
- Utility Analysis
- Budget forecasting

Our team's project development includes general project planning, phasing and logistics, manpower and resource loading studies, cash flow analysis, detailed preconstruction and construction scheduling, material, and means and methods research. From pre-design, through design to final construction, we manage the schedule, cost, quality and scope to minimize the client's risk.

Construction Phase Services

Seamless transition from the pre-construction phase into the construction phase assures that MAGNOVA BUILDCON's on-site construction team (including all subcontractors) fully understand the plans, specs and the overall expectations of the client.

Setting the stage for good communication among the project stakeholders is a vital role we play on each project. To accomplish this, we listen, we ask the right questions, we understand expectations. Good communication enables the entire project team to work more effectively, to solve problems when they are small and to be very proactive in dealing with the myriad of issues on a project both short term and long term. It is this passion, comprehensive planning and resource management that ensures field operations run smoothly and the owner's objectives are met in the following ways.

- Excellent communication and teamwork
- Documents are well coordinated
- Improved quality
- Efficient scheduling
- Improved coordination and cooperation from subcontractors
- Cost savings
- Meeting deadlines and schedules
- Predictable project outcomes

Post Construction

Obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy doesn't mean the end of the job for MAGNOVA BUILDCON. That's just the beginning of our post-construction phase to familiarize and train the owner(s) with all the major components of the building from the mechanical and electrical systems to the fire/life safety systems. We make sure that our clients building managers and engineers have a clear understanding on how to properly operate and maintain the many complex systems within the facility and test each one for quality assurance.

Our post-construction phase includes:
- Conduct training on all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire systems.
- Provide instruction on proper care and maintenance of all building systems.
- Schedule and conduct warranty walkthroughs with building owners and managers, sub contractors and manufacturers at the scheduled date prior to warranty expiration.
- Provide owners and building managers with MAGNOVA BUILDCON and subcontractor emergency contact information.
- Provide owners and building managers with detailed operations and maintenance manuals and as-built documents along with filmed manufacturer training on all equipment.
- Organize and complete any final punch list items at times convenient to owner and building occupants.


MAGNOVA BUILDCON is relentless in its mission to send every worker home every day to their families and loved ones. This is a responsibility that we don't take lightly. We are deeply committed to having the safest jobsites in the industry. This happens by paying attention to the little things like keeping our jobsites clean and organized, training 100% of our Project Managers and Superintendents. We partner with our subcontractors to assure they are in complete alignment with MAGNOVA BUILDCON's requirements for maintaining a safe work environment at each of our projects sites.